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62 31/3/2023 The Edge Markets SIAB, Yong Tai mutually terminate two outstanding condominium projects valued at RM190.4 mil PDF Link
61 6/9/2022 The Star Online Country’s first Hyatt Place to open in 2023 in Bukit Jalil PDF Link
60 29/8/2022 The Edge Online Hyatt Place Kuala Lumpur, Bukit Jalil to open by mid-2023 PDF Link
59 8/7/2022 NanYang Online SIAB控股获8957万建筑合约 PDF Link
58 7/7/2022 The Star Online Siab secures RM89.57mil construction contract PDF Link
57 19/5/2022 The Sun Felcra co-op, Siab in JV for RM389m project in Gombak PDF
56 19/5/2022 Berita Harian KPFB bangun projek kediaman RM389j PDF
55 18/5/2022 The Star Online KPFB, SIAB ink MoU for JV project with GDV of RM389mil PDF Link
54 18/5/2022 Oriental Daily Online SIAB与FELCRA签署附加备忘录 洽商联营发展3片鹅麦土地 PDF Link
53 18/5/2022 Business Today Online SIAB Signs Supplemental MOU With Koperasi Felcra PDF Link
52 18/5/2022 Berita Harian Online Koperasi Felcra teroka sektor hartanah PDF Link
51 17/5/2022 The Edge Online Yong Tai to settle RM46 million debts by issuing new shares PDF Link
50 13/4/2022 Chinapress Online 首季集资额跑赢东协 马股5宗IPO筹获15亿 PDF Link
49 8/3/2022 SCD Online Siab联营4亿保留地 PDF Link
48 8/3/2022 The Star Online Siab to jointly develop Felcra land PDF Link
47 7/3/2022 China Press Online SIAB控股 FELCRA 联手发展4亿项目 PDF Link
46 7/3/2022 Berita Harian Online Siab, Koperasi Felcra rancang projek RM400 juta PDF Link
45 7/3/2022 Business Today Online SIAB Inks MOU with Koperasi FELCRA PDF Link
44 7/3/2022 The Edge Online Siab inks MoU for joint development project with GDV of RM400m PDF Link
43 1/3/2022 SHDN SIAB actively trade over 160 million shares in first half day PDF
42 1/3/2022 The Sun Siab opens at 34 sen for 13.3percent premium in ACE Market debut PDF
41 1/3/2022 China Press SIAB actively trade over 200 million shares in 1 day PDF
40 1/3/2022 Borneo Post SIAB debuts on ACE Market PDF
39 1/3/2022 The Edge Siab ends ACE market debut at 31 sen PDF
38 28/2/2022 SCD Online 一度大涨21.77点 马股半天升7.51点 PDF Link
37 28/2/2022 The Star Online Siab makes debut on ACE Market at 31c/share PDF Link
36 28/2/2022 New Straits Times Online Siab Holdings raises RM36.72milI from IPO PDF Link
35 28/2/2022 Bernama Online Siab Holdings raises RM36.72 mln from IPO PDF Link
34 28/2/2022 Business Today Online Siab Made its Debut on the ACE Market PDF Link
33 28/2/2022 NSP Online 登陆马股创业板 SIAB控股全日温和走高 PDF Link
32 28/2/2022 China Press Online 上市首日马股最热 SIAB全日交投近2亿股 PDF Link
31 24/2/2022 The Edge Online ACE Market-bound Siab reports RM5.39m net profit for FY21 ahead of IPO PDF Link
30 23/2/2022 Borneo Post SIAB`s public portion IPO oversubscribed by 50.18 times PDF
29 22/2/2022 SCD Online Siab控股超额认购50.18倍 PDF Link
28 22/2/2022 BFM (Siab Holdings) Industry will make a move to digital construction MP3
27 22/2/2022 BFM ACE Market-bound Siab Holdings IPO oversubcribed MP3
25 22/2/2022 The Star Siab`s IPO shares oversubscribed by 50.18 times PDF
24 21/2/2022 NSP Online SIAB控股IPO获50.18倍超额认购 PDF Link
23 21/2/2022 Traxx FM ACE Market-bound Siab Holdings IPO's Malaysian public portion oversubcribed MP3
22 18/2/2022 Borneo Post Siab`s prospects remain optimistic towards IPO PDF
21 17/2/2022 The Malaysian Reserve Online Publiclnvest Research remains optimistic on Siab`s prospects PDF Link
20 16/2/2022 Dagang News Online Prospek Siab dijangka kukuh, PublicInvest beri FV pada 33 sen PDF Link
19 8/2/2022 Focus Malaysia Online Malacca Securities is moderately bullish on ACE Market-bound Siab Holdings Link
18 7/2/2022 Business Today Online Siab’s Fair Value Is At RM0.37 Link
17 7/2/2022 Dagang News Online Optimis dengan prospek Siab Holdings,Malacca Securities beri FV lebih tinggi pada 37 sen Link
16 5/2/2022 New Straits Times READY FOR LAUNCH PDF
15 4/2/2022 The Sun Online Siab has attractive growth prospects, says Mercury Securities PDF Link
14 4/2/2022 The Malaysian Reserve Online Newly listed Siab Holdings shows healthy orderbook, proven track PDF Link
13 4/2/2022 The Malaysian Reserve Newly listed Siab Holdings shows healthy orderbook, proven track PDF
12 4/2/2022 New Straits Times Mercury Securities has `subscribe’ call on Siab PDF
11 4/2/2022 The Sun Siab has attractive growth prospects, says Mercury Securities PDF
10 31/1/2022 BFM Siab targets IPO to generate capital of RM36.72 million MP3
9 31/1/2022 BFM Siab Holdings seeks to raise RM36.7m from ACE Market listing MP3
8 28/1/2022 China Press Online 下月报到创业板 SIAB控股拟筹资3672万 PDF Link
7 28/1/2022 SCD Online 40 年建筑服务供应商 Siab控股28日创业板挂牌 PDF Link
6 28/1/2022 Bernama Online ACE Market-bound Siab aims to raise RM36.72 mln from IPO PDF Link
5 28/1/2022 Business Today Online SIAB to be Listed on The ACE Market PDF Link
4 28/1/2022 Berita Harian Online Siab sasar IPO jana modal RM36.72 juta PDF Link
3 28/1/2022 New Straits Times Online Siab to raise nearly RM37mil from IPO PDF Link
2 28/1/2022 The Edge Online Siab Holdings seeks to raise RM36.7m from ACE Market listing PDF Link
1 10/1/2022 NSP Malaysia IPO on rising trend PDF